Sunday, June 28, 2015

Stampfest Fun!

We're back from Stampfest , in Lakeland, Florida, and what fun we both had!  Jeff and I each took a workshop class on Friday, shopped our heads and pocketbooks off and Saturday, and had an adventure filled drive home afterwards.

The vendor fair today was VERY busy.  Many booths and many shoppers.  I made a few make-and-takes, watched some demos, and spent far too much money.

Believe it or not, Tim Holtz had a huge booth at the show AND was there IN PERSON demo'ing his many different products and techniques.

Jeff took a card making class Friday but hasn't taken photos yet of the 8 cards he made so you're stuck seeing only bits and pieces of what I started making in the mail art class I took.  Linda Crofton taught the class.  She's a fabulously talented artist and all around lively and friendly person and teacher.  While she was giving her introduction she mentioned she swaps mail art on .  As soon as she mentioned her swap name I realized she'd been a partner of mine in a swap!  What fun it was to learn this.  I couldn't wait to get back home and find the envelope she'd sent me.

So here are a few of my works in progress ....

                                      One stamp using multi colored inks, overstamped with
                                                         black circles and phrases.

Envelope front .... address will go in center blank space
Return address will be written next to the little bird

Envelope back in progress.

We also made some altered, collaged, stamped postcards.  The postcards were cut from used cardboard cereal boxes.  So easy to make! m I still have to color the dress on the altered little girl and maybe add some sponged inking around the edges.

Mail art is so easy and fun to do.  It's so much fun that's it's worth it to start paying my bills by regular mail again!  Actually, I've been doing mail art in one form or fashion for years, decorating envelopes of the letters I write to my 25+ penpals.  I even make my own decorated stationery when I have the time.

Tomorrow (or Monday), I'll post pictures of the cards Jeff made.  Later this week, too, I'll post pics of some of the things we bought as well as our "walking" adventure home Saturday afternoon!  In the meantime, thanks for reading!

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