Wednesday, July 2, 2014

15 Reasons to Send Greeting Cards

Wouldn't you agree that nearly everyone, if NOT everyone, enjoys receiving greeting cards?  Birthday cards, anniversary, Christmas, Easter, Chanukah, sympathy, Thinking of you, the list of occasions goes on and on.  And while greetings cards are, today, easy to send via email, many people still prefer and value receiving an "old fashioned" paper greeting card, sent through the U.S. Postal Service or received as part of a holiday or special occasion gift.  

Whether handmade or store bought, and even e-sent, here are 15 reasons (in no particular order) people enjoy receiving greeting cards.

1.  Greeting cards are more personal than e-greetings.

2.  Greeting cards can be framed.

3.  Greeting cards make nice refrigerator art.

4.  The recipient can "connect" with the sender on a more intimate level through the sender's handwriting.

5.  Greeting cards let the recipient know what you are thinking and/or feeling.

6.  Greeting cards often come spontaneously making their arrival more special.

7.  Greeting cards can acknowledge a special event.

8.  You can include cold, hard cash in a greeting card.

9.  A greeting card can act as a reminder of an upcoming event.

10.  A greeting card can act as an apology.

11.  A greeting card can share a joke.

12.  A greeting card can send a word of encouragement.

13.  A greeting card can tell someone you miss them, are thinking about them, or waiting to hear from them.

14.  A greeting card can include magaIne and news articles, cartoons and recipes.

15.  A greeting card sent or received can cause a smile and a memory.

So next time you're thinking of someone, think about sending them a greeting card.  They'll appreciate receiving it, remember you for it, and you'll feel good about sending it.  And while we're on the subject of sending greeting cards, visit out Paper Owl Artists Etsy shop for an assortment of handmade cards for every occasion.  Custom orders accepted as well. .  Open 24/7 for your browsing and shopping pleasure :-)

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