Friday, March 7, 2014

Vacation Day Play

I'm home from work today, taking a vacation day.  Later this afternoon I'll be going to participate in Real Mail Fridays, a monthly letter writing event at Jaffe Book Arts Center at Florida Atlantic University but more about that tomorrow.  This morning I spent some time writing in my journal, had breakfast with Jeff and then we both went to "play" on some projects.  Jeff finished making a small blank notebook he's been working on for about a week.  It's a smaller version of the book he made in the Books and Boxes class last weekend at FAU.  He's so precise in the work he does.  It's fun and interesting to watch him work.  He's very systematic in his approach to doing a project.  Me?  I just start where I am and learn as I go.  My goal is to have fun while doing my best to turn out a good item.  If it's not good enough to put on our Etsy site or take to a craft show I'll use it myself or, in the case of making greeting cards and stationery, I'll use it on friends and family, upcycling it, recycling it, "arting" it up, doing anything I can to make it creative.  But more about this in another posting.  For now, here's pics of Jeff's small journal/notebook and the bookcloth I made this morning for a journal I'll be making.  Hope all of you who are reading this are having a great day!  I know I am.  Now off to Real Mail Friday!

And here are some pictures of the bookcloth I'm going to use as a spine on an old Bobbsey Twin book I want to recycle into a blank journal.

Front and back of fabric
Back of fabric is covered with a combination of 1/2 PVA glue and 1/2 water,
then covered with tissue paper

Tissue paper/fabric is then covered with another
layer of PVA/water mixture and left to dry completely.  
It's fine to use different colors of tissue paper on your fabric.  
I started with yellow, ran out of it so I added some pink.
Now I just have to remove the bubbles and creases.

Again, create a joy-filled, creative day for yourself !

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